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The adoption at last year’s AM of the best practices and interpreter got in touch to say that they were able to reliably inform a rather reluctant boss on the underlying reasons why one interpreter cannot do all the different jobs in the courtroom they said that having one external voice was very powerful and that they were able to backup a colleague.

Who was facing a difficult situation so it was really really great to know that the best practices have been used really positively already I’ve also heard of them being spotted in in courtroom during a trial and also being passed on to legal teams as well which is which is really good news as we would really really like to hear from any of you who have made use of the guidelines we’d really like to know your story is your feedback.

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What’s your native this is a live document it will be reviewed if there’s anything in it that you disagree with or that you question we really do want to hear from you harrisburg Divorce Attorney the document is due for review in and I’d really like to thank the Justice science project as a whole for assistance that they’ve given us during the editing of the document in particular the interpreter that you can see on your screen right now Rob schemer.

Who is research assistant on the Justice science project and he’s been sorry I’ll just rewind and tell you what it what it is that this is a program that’s a collaboration between the organizations around Europe that you can see on screen there and they’re looking at the outcomes of deaf people who have encountered the legal system in a number of different European countries so that’s an ongoing project and will they will be reporting on their findings fairly soon we hope.

harrisburg Divorce Attorney

That in the edit of of our best practice guidelines we’ll be able to make use of some of the findings that justice signs come across and and or they they may come up with a new set of guidelines that we can then at that stage adapt to suit this country we’ll see what that looks like at the time that’s quite exciting so interpreters are going to swap again now and that brings us to question time now and seeing to see what’s coming okay we’ve had a number of questions coming firstly thank you very much Kyle that was great so I’m gonna take you back so.